Spring Festival in the ‘Island of Peace’

Chapchar Kut in Mizoram

The world is beautiful planet yet I concur it’s not a place to be in. Yes, people have become selfish and a little too mean. Do you often ask yourself this question? Where do I find such place where happiness is a State of Mind? There is a place I know of where there is peace and tranquility, a place I call an ideal amalgamation of the old and new world. Situated in the North Eastern part of India is a tiny Hill state called Mizoram. The people here known as ‘Mizos’ have the distinction of being born, raised and existing in one of the most exemplary peaceful state of India. Unlike other places where VIP’s are flanked by their bodyguards 24/7, it is the total opposite in Mizoram. The highest of ranks mingle with the public like a commoner, without any fear of criticism, is approachable and they can roam freely. Such is the culture in Mizoram.

Mizoram is not quite a popular destination your travel agent would suggest. But for curious adventure seekers, friends this is your next Stop. The best time here would be in the happy month of March. It’s the month of Chapchar Kut – Annual spring festival of Mizoram, the most popular and major festival of the Mizo inhabitants in the state. This festival is known for promoting the spirit of community in a carnival atmosphere free from barrier and prejudices, its high energy, non – stop music and dance.

Colorful Mizo attires are one of the main attractions of the festival

It becomes an eye catching sight the moment people start pouring in. Everyone dress up at their traditional best, beaming with smiles at a spacious open ground in Aizawl City. Wearing Mizo costume dress in a range of colourful and beautiful attires is a tradition carried on at the festival. Age no bar; the participants include toddlers and elderly. And while you are busy watching the scene, you can’t miss the handshakes and hearty wishes between the people. The main highlight of Chapchar Kut is the famous Bamboo dance or locally known as ‘Cheraw’ – the traditional mass bamboo dance of Mizoram, without which the festival would be incomplete. The dance accompanied by percussionist playing the gongs and traditional musical instruments will spellbind you. I was lucky enough to have witnessed Chapchar Kut in 2012 for an office project in Aizawl. Spell bound the whole time as strangers hugged me and shook hands with me wishing me ‘Chibai’.




The invaluable feeling of freedom and camaraderie irrespective of class, gender and status is awe inspiring. Thus, the driving force of Chapchar Kut is the people of Mizoram. There warmth, generosity, sincerity and cheerfulness is what make this festival a must for tourist aching to have a good Time. The rolling green hills, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, Mizoram is definitely a memorable journey you will cherish. And not to forget, guaranteed Post vacation blues awaiting you even as you are miles and miles away from Mizoram.